Unlocking the power of technology to give back

Tech Tackles Cancer is a non-profit organization that has raised nearly $3M in donations supporting organizations focused on pediatric cancer treatment and research. The event can be described as a “battle of the technology rockstars,” where members of the Boston tech community fundraise and perform live on stage with a professional rock band. The event has become a yearly staple in the Boston and London, and to date has raised over $3 million dollars.

Receptor was given the important task of developing a corporate brand identity for the organization, as well as unique event branding each year to make for many unforgettable evenings.

Defining the corporate and event brands

The corporate brand was designed for flexibility as the organization continues to grow. The brand palette is intended to provide meaning and differentiation via the colored stripe in the logo, so that sub-brands can be developed for Tech Tackles “X” using the same consistent formatting. As an organization that is rooted in its involvement in the tech community, the brand reflects a sleek and modern “dark-mode” design to align with the tastes of its audience and participants. The minimalism of the parent brand allows the unique theming of each event to take center stage, with each year embodying a unique style that is inspired by music and concert experiences.

The results

Since partnering with Tech Tackles Cancer, the event has grown in scale each year. The 2023 show famously sold out The Sinclair music venue as audiences showed their excitement and appreciation for the group’s dedicated efforts towards pediatric cancer research and care. Receptor’s involvement has since transcended beyond branding support, with our Principal Matt Smith taking on fundraising and performance duties.