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What it means to be on our remote team.

Our studio is intensely focused on giving our clients unparalleled creative and service. Members of our team must make it their mission to have each new project be their best work yet. Being a part of our team means embodying the following traits:

Become a champion for clients.

Above all else, our team members must contribute thought-worthy solutions to those who rely on our creative abilities. Whether it’s the solution a client wants, or the one they truly need, our efforts are successful only once they are satisfied.

Respect the details.

Sometimes the little things make all the difference. Being attentive to specs, deadlines and direction is just as important as delivering good creative.

Bet on yourself and your ideas.

Sell your concept with conviction. Make your peers believers. Be your biggest critic. If you can deliver solid work, grounded with creative and functional forethought, you’ll make believers out of our clients.

Be versatile.

Everyone has that one quality they can hang their hat on. While having a go-to person for specific tasks is critical for all offices, one must be prepared to take on any job that may come in.

Ignore the noise.

The intensity and pressures of working at a fast-paced creative studio cannot be overstated. Keep focused, be humble, and stay flexible.

Learn something new every day.

Make each day better than your last. Whether it’s learning a new trick in a program, or a taking a lesson from a client interaction, be sure to build on every experience.

Receptor Team
Receptor Team
Receptor Team
Receptor Team
Receptor Team
Receptor Team

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Levi Perkins

“You can’t throw a rock in this office without hitting talent…trust me I’ve tried. The creative collaboration and real-world experience inspired me to become the designer I am today, and the one I know I will become tomorrow.”

— Levi Perkins, Creative Director

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