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Defining an identity that scales

AtScale is a technology company focused on democratizing access to data so that citizen data scientists and analysts can build their own data products. Their universal semantic layer provides actionable insights for everyone, allowing meaningful access to data across the enterprise. With AtScale, companies can understand data like never before with business intelligence tools, extensible cloud data platform integrations, and deep predictive analytics. Receptor assisted AtScale by providing a refreshed identity, corporate brand materials, and custom WordPress website.

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A brand that is focused on semantics

The previous AtScale brand was focused on the concept of scaling to great heights, allowing organizations to triumph over their data challenges. AtScale embraced the significance of its semantic layer as the catalyst for it’s renewed brand identity, shifting to conceptual abstract imagery and isometric diagrams that highlight their differentiator. The sophisticated new brand asserts AtScale as an industry leader for data insights, as well as a platform for continued brand growth as the company continues to gain traction in the market.

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