Celebrating an instrumental collaborator in Boston’s soul music scene.

The Opportunity

Melvin Davis (AKA Coffy) has been in the entertainment business since he was 17 years old. He approached us with a dream to put on a show celebrating his 35 years of putting on shows in Boston. He required a branded website, social media assets and a promotional video to help advertise this celebration. Mel had an idea of what he wanted, but was unsure of how to execute that idea visually and strategically. He looked to us for our design and marketing expertise to showcase the event to make it a success. It was important that the brand portray Mel’s “soulful” past while also making the event look attractive for sponsors.

Our Approach

We were struck by Mel’s spunk and spirit, and the personality that he wanted to bring to his 35th anniversary. We first addressed the name of the event as Mel needed help creating a title to communicate musicality and sophistication. We came up with Soul 35 which spoke to Melvin’s soulful personality and the genre he helped to nurture. This naming system also holds longevity, with the potential to brand future anniversary events. We chose colors that were fitting for the time period and type choices that brought to life the 1970’s and 1980’s. Our branded website was customized for easy editing so that Mel could update event information as acts and sponsors were announced. Our promotional video captures Mel in his element and serves as a shareable tool to help get the word out.


Mel now has sharable and cohesive materials to promote Soul 35, and with our help Mel can use these assets for years to come. We infused his energetic personality into the brand to evoke the history he wanted to portray. We provided insight into how to brand and name his event, allowing for easy recognition and memorability. Soul 35 is stacked with materials that support Mel’s legacy in the Boston music scene to gain sponsorship and raise awareness of the event. We can’t wait to see the turnout!

Check out the event and learn how to become a sponsor by visiting: soul35.com.