Refining the sequence for brand visibility.

The Opportunity

Phase Genomics provides sample kits to research biologists for genomic testing and mapping. Since its founding in 2015, the company has engaged us on three occasions to redesign their site based on the continued evolution of their marketing strategy. In 2018’s iteration, the focus of the site was e-commerce, highlighting the company’s genomic testing kits. In early 2020, in advance of the Plant and Animal Genomics Conference, Phase approached us in the interest of drawing attention to the three applications of their kits: microorganisms, plants and animals, and humans. They wanted to keep most of the site’s design intact while overhauling imagery to dynamically communicate the company’s value as a blueprint for genomic research.

Our Approach

In addition to sourcing appropriate images, our task was to extend the brand with new patterns and textures that aligned with the company’s value proposition. We started by distinguishing the three genomic applications with different colors. We created metaphoric imagery alluding to DNA sequencing using patterns and textures and showcased the expression of a genome map in eye-catching ways. With a unifying web graphic acting as a container shape, our iconography speaks to the nature of genetics. To coincide with the image style, we revamped the homepage and high-level Applications pages with new entry points to keep visitors intrigued and informed, while inviting them to learn more about the extensibility of Phase Genomics’ offerings.


With a fresh take on visuals, the website was a timely complement for the trade show, exemplifying the company’s value in the market and acting as an effective sales tool for prospective buyers and researchers. The updates enhance Phase Genomics’ brand expression with bold imagery that allows them to stand out against their competitors and assert their status at the forefront of the research field. The abstract metaphorical imagery helps viewers intuitively understand and differentiate the purpose and practicality of the three research applications, while the updated flow of entry points makes navigation easy for the site’s visitors. We look forward to our partnership with Phase Genomics as they continue to innovate and enable genomic discovery.

“Delin Design was a critical component in helping us revitalize our website and branding. Their efforts breathed new life into our brand and allowed us to promote ourselves in a way that stands out from the competition in the genomic research market.”

—Ivan Liachko, Founder & CEO, Phase Genomics

Icons developed to incorporate the 'blueprint' strategy.

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