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Crafting a technology brand that has depth

Deepfactor is a cyber security start up that was purpose-built to observe cloud native applications. Deepfactor can seamlessly load a robust language-agnostic library into cloud native workloads and environments with just a single command, reducing security risks, accelerating release cycles, and building security cultures.

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A brand built for developers, by developers

The Deepfactor brand speaks to the companies developer-audiences and security leaders through it’s use of monospaced typography and incorporation of symbols from coding languages, as seen in their logo. The use of orange signifies finding the most crucial components in vulnerability reports and runtime analysis. Orange is used sparingly as a means to highlight key pieces of information across brand assets and the website, similar to how their product alerts security teams to the most impactful vulnerabilities.

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The results

Deepfactor’s brand identity provides an open platform for the company to grow with, providing versatility in it’s visual language and how code can be treated as graphic elements. The company’s custom WordPress theme has provided additional flexibility since launch as new pages and functionalities have been able to be seamlessly integrated. Deepfactor continues to thrive in the application security space, affirming it’s role as perhaps the most crucial factor for companies that are building a security culture.