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Developing a brand that is truly heroic

Paladin Cloud is a technology startup that provides developers with the tools to identify, prioritize and remediate security risks in your cloud infrastructure. Security teams spend a tremendous amount of time each day prioritizing alerts and weeding through false positives to secure their environments. Paladin Cloud’s open-source security product prioritizes and sends meaningful alert notifications about the configuration errors that matter most, reducing alert fatigue and allowing developers to secure their environments faster.

As a startup company, Paladin Cloud reached out to Receptor for assistance to define a visual brand that appealed to their developer audience, but also spoke to the potential of their product.

Paladin Cloud Logo
Paladin Cloud Logo KO

Defenders of the brand

Paladin Cloud was interested in developing a brand that spoke to the heroic qualities of the product and namesake. The logo embodies the protector archetype as a symbol of trust, security, and loyalty to developers. Leaning heavily into their target audiences lead to a brand and website expression that spoke to the developer community through the use of color, typography, and concise layouts and messaging. Animated website explainer graphics served demonstrate the significance of their offerings clearly and succinctly.

Paladin Cloud Community
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The results

Paladin Cloud has embraced its new brand and role as a defender of cloud security environments. Receptor was successful in crafting a vision that the team at Paladin Cloud can continue to embody and grow with as the company continues to assert its reputation as a leader in open source cloud security.