Cutting into the personal pizza industry with authority.

The Opportunity

MiLuna is an up-and-coming business with the aspiration to revolutionize the food industry with a new eating utensil. The product is a personal-sized cutter allowing users to slice messy foods with ease. There is an emphasis to step away from the traditional method of hand-held pizza eating in order to embrace proper meal-time etiquette. MiLuna was in need of a brand identity that would help accelerate business and promote its one-of-a-kind device. Along with branding, they required packaging design for their product and a responsive website with eCommerce functionality to showcase and sell their goods.

Our Approach

Our goal was to create a brand that would communicate the purpose of the cutter at a glance while positioning it as a sophisticated, must-have item for restaurants and home chefs alike. Dashed lines are a core graphic element underscoring the cutter’s utility, while the circular mark in the logo alludes to pizza, quesadillas and other dishes that can be difficult to cut with a knife. The color palette balances an appetizing red with supporting grays to allude to the elegant eating experience MiLuna brings. The front of the packaging features a die-cut, folded retainer strip shaped like a hand, visually demonstrating how the product works. The website is clean and minimal, bringing product imagery to the forefront, with clear entry points that serve as opportunities to purchase the cutter.


With the help from our team, MiLuna is now positioned for success in both retail and wholesale markets. Consistent use of colors and graphic elements tie the different applications together, while the saturated colors and unique shape help the packaging stand out on a store shelf amongst other kitchen utensils. The utility of the cutter is visually highlighted across all media, allowing customers to intuitively understand its function without the need for accompanying text. With clear calls-to-action and imagery of the cutter in use, the website provides a straightforward, direct experience for learning about and purchasing the product.

MiLuna Primary Color Palette
MiLuna Secondary Color Palette
MiLuna Typography
MiLuna Pizza Cutter

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