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Embrace the inspiration, intrigue, and sophistication of Mélange

The Opportunity

For over a decade, Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation has hosted a fundraising event to benefit the hospital and its initiatives. A new theme is chosen each year for the appropriately named Mélange Gala (a French word meaning “to mix or mingle”), each with its own unique needs. Milford Regional has entrusted Delin Design for creative direction to make each event as memorable as the last, ensuring much needed funding goals are met.

Our Approach

We work with Milford Regional to bring a visual identity to the chosen theme, providing a variety of options to best express their vision. Moodboards are presented to help demonstrate how color, typography and pattern can be expressed across a variety of assets, as well as how they can extend into the décor, dress and even a signature cocktail. From there we work to incorporate the branding into engaging direct mail “Save the date” and invitational pieces, as well as event assets such as program guides and information on auction items.


Since 2012 Milford Regional has consistently relied on Delin Design to make the Mélange Gala a “can’t miss” event. The success of each gala has resulted in an increase in attendance every year, helping to fund critical endeavors for the hospital such as a new emergency rooms and private patient rooms. See the link below to read about the major success of this year’s event.

Learn about the fundraising success of Melange over the years: 2017 | 2019

2020 — A Retrospective

The year 2020 challenged every aspect of our daily lives, and promoting the annual Mélange Gala was no exception. The hospital foundation challenged us to think strategically and creatively about how the show could still go on in spirit. For the first time ever, Mélange was celebrated virtually through a direct mail and digital marketing campaign that highlighted the community’s contributions throughout the years. This retrospective promotion not only served as a nostalgic reminder of the past, but showcased the community’s willingness to band together for the benefit of the hospital.

Melange – Direct Mail Box
Melange – Box Contents
Melange – Viewmaster Slide

Past attendees and donors received a surprise gifts in their mailboxes, ranging from vintage candy to View-Master toys with personalized photo reels from past galas. Each gift came complete with a brochure commemorating the success of the gala over the years, as well as a donation form to elicit important funds for the hospital. A series of email teasers provided recipients with hints of what was to come, while a unique landing page informed the general public and allowed for fundraising efforts to continue into the new year.

Melange – Accordion Card
Melange – Accordion Card 2
Melange – Email
Melange – Landing Page

Thanks to our creative efforts, we were able to encourage continued donation efforts by capturing the community spirit of years past. If you are interested in learning more or making a donation, please visit this page.

2017 — A Musical Journey

Milford Regional Melange 2017 Invite Cover Outside
Milford Regional Melange 2017 3 panel Invite
Milford Regional Melange 2017 Invite Envelope
Milford Regional Melange 2017 program cover

2016 — Capri

Milford Regional Melange 2016 Save the date
Milford Regional Melange 2016 Tri Fold Outside
Milford Regional Melange 2016 Tri Fold Inside

2015 — Vision to Victory

Milford Regional Melange 2015 program front
Milford Regional Melange 2015 Save the date
Milford Regional Melange 2015 Collateral

2014 — The Power of Ten

Milford Regional Melange 2014 Invite
Milford Regional Melange 2014 Save the date
Milford Regional Melange 2014 Save the date back

2013 — Melange Express

Milford Regional Melange 2013 Invite
Milford Regional Melange 2013 Save the Date
Milford Regional Melange 2013 Tickets