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Marketing the Art of Virtual Selling

The Opportunity

As the world suddenly changed in 2020, so did the nature of how business is conducted. Those in sales had to quickly adapt to the new normal of selling virtually with the absence of in-person meetings. We were approached by thought-leaders in the industry to help brand an informative new book on mastering the art of virtual selling. In addition to designing a compelling piece that highlights how to orchestrate sales success, the authors relied on our firm to develop promotional materials including a website, digital marketing assets, and a teaser video to get the word out about the book.

Our Approach

Rallying behind the theme of becoming a sales maestro, we used an illustrative style to portray every phase of the virtual selling process. Each chapter features illustrations ranging from behind-the-scenes preparations to putting on a captivating performance for your audience. We developed a custom WordPress website to promote the theme of the book and provide highlights to encourage book sales. The website also includes an animated teaser video we created that makes the case for purchasing the book and provides perspective from the authors. We produced social media and digital ads to capture attention and encourage web traffic.


Thanks to the creative we provided, the Mastering Virtual Selling team has not only a great looking product, but also a comprehensive brand to promote the book across multiple channels. The response to the book launch has been positive, which should come as no surprise as the authors have produced a much-needed guide for overcoming the challenges brought on by the pandemic. It was our pleasure to develop creative that enhances the presentation of the book on all fronts, giving readers a complete view of what it’s like to master virtual selling.

Animated Promotional Video

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Book Cover

Book Illustrations

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Social Media Posts

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