Lima Law Offices Website – Banner Design

Enabling connections with a professional and personalized digital identity

The Opportunity

The Law Office of Michael C. Lima was in need of a new website that better emphasized their personal approach to real estate. Their old site was a simple template that lacked a sense of personality, which made it difficult to connect with potential clients. Furthermore, with its incorrect colors and commonly-found stock photos, the website did not properly express the company’s brand. Lima Law reached out to us to help create a custom WordPress website that focused on the unique qualities of the firm.

Our Approach

Our main goal was to design a site that was truly evocative of the firm’s values, setting them apart from other law offices in the area and introducing the viewer to the benefits of their personalized services. We achieved this by incorporating authentic photos of the team, as well as a video that features the office location and staff. This helped to demonstrate the firm’s hands-on approach, giving visitors an understanding of who they would be working with. The design also introduced the brand palette and graphic elements in ways that had not been fully expressed in their marketing efforts to date.


Lima Law now has a website that they are confident to point people to, helping to inspire trust in their firm and also giving visitors a number of opportunities to connect for lead generation. The site not only displays the integrity and services of the firm, but also the family-like environment cultivated by their fantastic team. The design serves as a step in the right direction for how they can express their brand across other marketing materials. First impressions are everything, and it goes to show that an authentic and strategically-designed website can be a catalyst to enable future relationships.

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