LeasePilot Brand Identity – Website Homepage on a Desktop Computer

A modern approach that disrupts an outdated process.

The Opportunity

LeasePilot’s platform accelerates the process of closing leases with automated drafting and revisioning. The company streamlines commercial leasing documentation, allowing businesses to close leases in a third of the time. The old brand didn’t communicate the value the Boston-based company offered, and they needed a brand to match the expectations and sophistication of their clients. In addition to creating a new logo and color palette, we worked with them on a comprehensive style guide, an animated video introduction, a custom website and printed collateral.

Our Approach

Commercial leasing is a slow, laborious process by nature, but LeasePilot is changing the landscape through the speed and efficiency of its platform. We set out to convey their “classic meets modern” approach through a typographic style that mixes a traditional serif typeface with a modern sans-serif. With a series of vertical bars reminiscent of both a graph and an urban skyline, the brand’s vector graphics draw a direct connection between data and real estate. Using black and white photography coupled with ample white space, we underscored the simplicity of drafting and editing leases. A minimal primary palette serves to punctuate the impact LeasePilot makes on businesses, with a secondary palette functional enough for interface design.


After developing a full understanding of their business and needs, we developed a successful brand that is aligned with their values and content goals. With unified color, typography and imagery, LeasePilot’s new brand and website show how the company is revolutionizing leasing automation. For a company that’s built its reputation on bringing groundbreaking modern functionality to a traditional practice, the brand solidifies the company’s value and place in the commercial real estate market. With a detailed style guide, LeasePilot’s team has the criteria to interpret and create brand imagery with confidence. The company is well-positioned to continue its upward trajectory in the coming years as their customer base grows!

LeasePilot Brand Identity – Primary Logo
LeasePilot Brand Identity – Logo (Reversed Color)
LeasePilot Brand Identity – Primary Color Palette
LeasePilot Brand Identity – Secondary Color Palette
LeasePilot Brand Identity – Typography
LeasePilot Brand Identity – Logo on Signage in Boston Office at the Prudential Tower

Signage at LeasePilot's Boston Office

LeasePilot Brand Identity – Website Design on a Tablet Screen
LeasePilot Brand Identity – Powerpoint Pitch Deck Cover Slide on Projector Screen in Conference Room
LeasePilot Brand Identity – Tear Sheet Design on Dark Wooden Desk Surrounded by Pens and Notebooks
LeasePilot Brand Identity – Business Card Design

LeasePilot Brand Identity – Photography: Middle-Aged Businessman Using Smartphone and Laptop in Black & White

Black & White Photography Examples

LeasePilot Brand Identity – Black & White Photography: Young Woman Smiling in Coffeeshop or Dining Room
LeasePilot Brand Identity – Black & White Photography: Businessman Walking with Smartphone in City
LeasePilot Brand Identity – Photography: Man Holding Business Section of Newspaper in Black & White

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