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Showcasing the expertise and power required for environmental remediation

HKD Blue produces a suite of dust-control cannons for reducing the environmental impacts of demolition, mining, and material construction and recycling. Their technology uses water atomization cannons designed to suppress dust and debris that becomes displaced on job sites. HKD Blue was in need of a refreshed identity that better emphasized the value of their products, and a brand that stood tall amongst their competitors.

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Seeing Blue on a job site means greener operations.

Receptor first worked with HKD Blue to develop a number of taglines that emphasized the capabilities of their cannons. This effort informed the development of the HKD Blue brand as an elegant solution for the tough and rugged industries the company serves. The water atomization that their cannons produce in represented in the logo, with a typeface that speaks to an industry audience while maintaining consistency with other HKD brands. This process is represented throughout the brand through the use of circular patterns. Using high-contrast black and white photography served to emphasize the use of blue in the brand is a catalyst for HKD Blue’s significance at job sites. A custom WordPress website theme was developed for HKD that portrayed their full product line, so that buyers and distributors could better understand which product was right for their needs.

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The results

With it’s renewed brand identity, HKD Blue now has a comprehensive brand that focuses on the dynamic qualities of their technology that differentiate their products from competitors. The versatile brand emphasizes the versatility of HKD Blue’s products, and further asserts that on the job site: Blue means green.