Providing credibility for a ground-breaking technology.

The Opportunity

Form Energy is an emerging company aiming to enable the future of renewable energy storage by developing a new kind of battery that is cost-efficient and eliminates the need for coal or gas entirely. With their new technology, they needed a website to showcase themselves to investors as well as future employees. We were tasked with underscoring the company’s revolutionary approach to energy within a short timeline. The ground-breaking potential of Form Energy’s business needed to be at the forefront while portraying them as credible, approachable, and aspirational.

Our Approach

In understanding the monumental impact that Form Energy is making, we wanted to showcase their importance instantly on the landing page. We worked to create a reveal that allowed the viewer to really take in the magnitude of their mission. We chose imagery throughout the site that enhanced Form’s messaging and spoke directly to their environmental impact. In addition to the exciting future that Form Energy is enabling, it was important to highlight the benefits of working there in the interest of hiring new employees. The site needed to showcase the diversity of cultures and dynamic individuals that make up their team. Information throughout the site is presented in a way that appeals to the highly elite while also being digestible enough for a non-technical audience to understand the benefits of Form Energy’s work.


We created a website that displayed the importance and magnitude of the work that Form Energy is doing. We found a way of expressing the “why?” behind their company and allowed site visitors to understand the high-level implications of Form Energy’s offerings. The story of enabling renewable energy and decarbonization is what makes the company unique and we expressed these qualities visually. Form Energy now has a website that communicates exactly what they do and the value they bring to investors and employees.

“Delin Design was an excellent partner throughout our website redevelopment. Their team’s creativity, timeliness and collaboration ensured our new website embodied Form’s mission and effectively communicated our technology under some tight time constraints. We are very happy with the new site!”

— Rachel Smedley, Business Operations Lead

Learn more about Form Energy and their mission by visiting