To secure a foothold in a competitive market, contrast is key.

The Opportunity

Devo’s cloud platform uses machine learning to provide analytics and data modeling to cybersecurity professionals. Analysts in security operations centers (SOCs) leverage Devo to manage, monitor and automate detection and response to security risks. Different SOCs have varying levels of performance, with some that are highly prepared to address security concerns in real-time and others that aren’t as well-equipped. To underscore the value of their platform, Devo teamed up with Ponemon Institute to gather data about different SOCs. Devo engaged us to visualize statistical data and design a report called “A Tale of Two SOCs,” as well as accompanying campaign assets such as digital ads and a website landing page to promote the report.

Our Approach

The report was intended to be an annual cornerstone marketing piece that stands apart from other assets, so we saw the campaign as an opportunity to introduce typographic and color treatments unique from their brand standards. In this way we were able to visually express the dichotomy between different SOCs. By alternating light and dark backgrounds, we created rhythm that carried through the report and kept it visually dynamic. We also used a combination of outlined and solid letterforms in titles to add contrast. We introduced gradients using brand colors to call attention to charts, bringing the findings in the report to the forefront. The web ads have a liberal amount of content with large stats, compelling the reader to click and learn more about Devo’s offerings.


The campaign has been a boon for Devo’s B2B marketing efforts. With a thorough, consolidated set of data presented in a way that is visually digestible, Devo is able to send the report to new prospects and feel confident in the expression of their value in the cybersecurity market. Furthermore, the report demonstrates that Devo’s platform is a proven solution for enterprise businesses of any industry or size. With the visual style we established, Devo has a strong foundation on which to build future reports, and we look forward to bringing the same conceptual and strategic thinking to their campaigns for years to come.

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