AtScale Mint Roll on Effervescent Background

Alleviate heartburn with a clever marketing strategy

The Opportunity

AtScale is an enterprise analytics company whose platform helps insight-driven companies streamline their data infrastructure. They specialize in making it easy for big companies to access data in a way that is fast and painless. They needed a trade show booth design for 2019’s Tableau Conference that fully encompassed AtScale’s problem-solving approach to data analytics. AtScale approached us for help developing a creative marketing approach for the booth and associated swag items to support the company’s value position and to hold the attention of executive-level event attendees.

Our Approach

From the start of the project, AtScale knew they wanted to use antacids as a metaphor for the relief their platform provides. Using pain relief as the cornerstone of our inspiration, we presented different ways that medicine or antacids could tie the booth visuals and the giveaway items together. By coupling abstract bubble images with effervescent textures, we created visuals that alluded to data points in a sophisticated, unconventional way. The outer panels of the booth are evocative of AtScales ease of integration while the inner panels offer a welcoming space for attendees. We added further value by developing custom branded lifesaver rolls and tin container that mimicked Alka-Seltzer to give away as premium so attendees could leave with AtScale in their pocket.


Our efforts brought attention to AtScale’s services at the conference while presenting the company as professional and authoritative. With minimal, bold visuals, streamlined messaging and a desirable swag giveaway, AtScale had a memorable presence at the event. Furthermore, the antacid concept and messaging is extensible across a variety of media including print ads, social media and direct mail, and can even be leveraged again for future conferences. Our unorthodox approach to marketing a complex technology resulted in new business leads for the company, opening the door for growth opportunities.

AtScale Tableau Booth Mockup
AtScale Tableau Booth
AtScale Tableau Mints
AtScale Tableau Mints

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