Devo Security Campaign – Landing Page Design on a Variety of Devices

To target a saturated market, hunt for fresh perspective.

The Opportunity

The annual RSA Conference brings together cybersecurity professionals to learn about and discuss industry news and challenges. To coincide with their attendance at the event, Devo wanted to kick off a marketing campaign centered on cybersecurity and the ways that their platform benefits SOCs (security operations centers). Devo was familiar with our “safe-to-edgy” approach on a 1-10 scale, in which we show conceptual options ranging from the expected to the unconventional. The company asked us to develop three options, ranging from a 5 (a somewhat expected approach) to a 9 (very unconventional). They needed a landing page design for their website, a print ad, digital ads and a laptop sticker to highlight the campaign, as well as an animated overview video to be played in their trade show booths. The campaign is slated to carry through Black Hat at the end of the summer.

Our Approach

Knowing that Devo was interested in concepts that pushed the limits of their established brand, we felt free to explore new graphics and metaphorical photo-illustrations. The campaign theme was “Unleash your analysts. Transform your SOC.” We focused primarily on visual transformation. Using symbols of power such as animals and mythological beasts, we represented the augmentation that Devo provides to security analysts. Furthermore, by juxtaposing related objects such as a paper airplane and fighter jet, we underscored the message that Devo brings a SOC to life. To round out our exploration, one of our options represents Devo as a door that leads from a world of chaos to one of harmony.


With dozens of companies all selling security solutions with the same marketing tropes, we provided one that broke through the clutter in a crowded market. Devo chose to use dogs/wolves to represent security analysts, capitalizing on the idea that a domesticated dog is constrained by a leash or boundary, while a wolf has power and autonomy. By alternating between dark sections with wolf imagery and light sections depicting circuitry, the landing page is visually engaging from top to bottom. The sleek laptop sticker design was a popular giveaway at RSA, and is sure to keep Devo top-of-mind for attendees. While the video wasn’t tied directly to the campaign theme, it drew people to Devo’s booth and introduced them to the company’s products. The campaign is in its early stages, but we look forward to hearing about its success in the coming months!

Devo Security Campaign – Landing Page Design on a Laptop

Bottom of Landing Page Design

Devo Security Campaign – Landing Page Design (Tablet Device)

Top of Landing Page Design

Devo Security Campaign – Landing Page Mobile Design
Devo Security Campaign – "Unleash Your Analyst" Laptop Sticker

Campaign Laptop Sticker

Devo Security Campaign – Initial Design Comps

Initial Conceptual Design Comps Showing a "Safe-to-Edgy" Approach

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