A timeless classic meets 21st-century commerce

The Opportunity

Dell Hawk is a premium men’s grooming and lifestyle brand based in the Pacific Northwest. The company makes aftershaves, beard oils, and hair products, with a lineup that is quickly expanding. While Dell Hawk markets wholesale goods to barbershops, the company also sells directly to consumers—we’ve personally used Dell Hawk’s products and can attest to their quality! As a new company, they wanted to start off on the right foot with a cohesive brand including packaging and an eCommerce website. It was particularly important that the brand and website provided a solid foundation for growth, as trial runs of the products were resoundingly successful and the company’s owners anticipate rapid expansion in the near future.

Our Approach

Knowing that Dell Hawk’s target market encompasses barbershops and their refined clients, we based the brand’s primary typography and color palette on 50’s-style men’s grooming products. We complemented this classic aesthetic with a contemporary sans-serif typeface and bright colors, and drew inspiration for photography and graphics from vintage California fruit orchards. Dell Hawk sells their products both online and in barbershops, so a robust eCommerce website is an integral part of the brand’s success. With a broad range of features and functionalities for selling online, Shopify’s platform was the natural choice for Dell Hawk’s digital store.


Our efforts have resulted in a comprehensive brand that cascades through all materials, both physical and digital. The brand is extensible, with room to grow and evolve over time as Dell Hawk develops new products and expand its customer base. The label designs on the company’s packaging serve to attract customers in barbershops who may not have heard of the brand, while the eCommerce website makes it easy for those customers to explore other offerings and buy products directly. As WordPress developers, our focus on the experience and ease of editing sites on the client’s end is our bread and butter, and working with Shopify is no different. Dell Hawk is a young company, but they already have a strong, loyal customer base and have received an array of compliments on the brand’s cohesive look and feel.

Aftershave Labels

“The Delin Design team is truly first-class. Their business insights, creative excellence, in-depth technical knowledge, and genuine camaraderie were essential in the creation of our brand, packaging and online store. Everything went smoothly from start to finish.”

—Therese Adlhoch Smith, President and Founder of Dell Hawk

The website is optimized for shopping on any device

Dell Hawk is popular among car enthusiasts in California!

Beard Balm Label Design

Half of our designers are bearded, so we were thrilled to work on this project and are big fans of Dell Hawk’s products! Check out dellhawk.com to learn more!