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Unlocking a design formula that depicts the right treatment for patients.

The Opportunity

Dascena is building the next generation of precision medicine with algorithms designed to get the right intervention to the right patient at the right time. Our challenge was how to portray being a tech company in the healthcare industry. Dascena works directly with health systems and biopharma partners building both the algorithms and the infrastructure layer that enables those algorithms to be practically used. In a year dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, Dascena’s algorithms have helped to provide advance warning for high-risk patients. With a rare Emergency Use Authorization from the FDA and the launch of Dascena Labs and COVID-19 testing centers, Dascena is on a fast-track to aid the country during the most challenging of circumstances. Dascena required an updated website that reflected their brand and unique capabilities, while attracting top talent.

Our Approach

Using a parallax scroll effect, the homepage graphics demonstrate that in every patient exists the data to uncover the right treatment options using AI-driven algorithms. This means fully integrating molecular and clinical data for improved patient outcomes. At the end of the day, it’s about saving lives, and we sought to create visuals that brought in the human element in a unique way through silhouettes. Our custom HubSpot website features a number of highly customizable templates that allow Dascena to make quick edits and easily post media coverage during their rapid growth. A stylized careers page adds a personal touch while informing visitors of new opportunities. With a clear and concise design, coupled with engaging informational graphics, Dascena’s website articulates the benefits of their technology in a manner that resonates with a wide array of audiences.


Dascena’s website accurately defines their brand, allowing the flexibility to adapt and remain current in the coming years. The vibrant graphics support the company’s mission of saving lives and how it is integrating clinical and molecular data. Dascena is redefining healthcare by using machine learning to build predictive algorithms from clinical data. We are confident that the company will assist in enabling better outcomes for patients in all areas of health diagnostics.

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“The process of working with Delin Design was streamlined and directed to meet our goals and aggressive timeline. The quality of work and care put into both front end and back end design was executed with clear vision and detail. We plan to transform healthcare and we are now positioned for growth and execution.“

—Jonathan Roberts, VP Strategy, Dascena

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