Connect your brand with iconic imagery for recognition and promotional success.

The Opportunity

Certica Solutions provides cloud-based services that enable K-12 academic institutions to use modern technology in education. Based on Ed-Fi’s technology, Certica’s Data Connect platform is a management console for school districts and application providers. With the goal of highlighting their partnership with Ed-Fi, Certica wanted to create memorable promotional items to give away at an education conference. They approached us for help creating a “ConnectUp” theme based on 7-Up.

Our Approach

By appropriating colors and imagery reminiscent of 7-Up’s brand, we created a logo and swag items that were instantly recognizable. Our goal was to create a theme with the look and feel of 7-Up’s brand while staying true to Certica’s identity. The logo uses a vertical arrow that reinforces the “upward” concept, with a carbonated bubble texture alluding to soda. We suggested producing both laptop stickers and 1” pins to reach the widest possible audience.


The ConnectUp promotional items succeeded in getting the attention of conference attendees, and provided a catalyst for conversation. In contrast to typical branded swag items that are generic and forgettable, Certica’s pins and stickers are instead eye-catching and iconic. With a timeless design, Certica has the opportunity to continue using the ConnectUp theme at future events.

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