AM Lithography Website Design – Homepage on Different Screen Sizes

Creative strategy is key for making an impression in a saturated market

The Opportunity

AM Lithography offers premium printing capabilities to individuals and businesses alike, and we’ve personally relied on their services for over two decades. Founded by a Vietnam Veteran, AM Lithography ensures each project is completed to its fullest potential, honoring the importance of quality, accuracy and timeliness. Their old website was not responsive and was difficult for users to navigate. The pages lacked visual intrigue and held no examples of AM Lithography’s work. Furthermore, the company’s two subsets—AM Lithography and AM Packaging—had separate URLs, obscuring their capabilities. They enlisted our help in elevating the site to a level of sophistication comparable to their operation.

Our Approach

We sought to highlight both branches of the company on the homepage billboard, making it immediately obvious that they offer both specialty printing and secondary packaging services with entry points for each. We developed a custom WordPress theme that is flexible, user-friendly and extensible, with a focus on simplicity for the end user. Our creative strategy was centered on showcasing the company’s portfolio and specialty work, underscoring the details that set them apart from their competitors. Photography is featured prominently throughout the site, reinforcing the visual and tactile nature of print and packaging. The new site is fully responsive, allowing for seamless transition and accessibility across device platforms.


The new website is visually compelling, inviting users to explore AM Lithography’s services. With clear entry points and consolidated information, a user no longer has to search through a disarray of navigation links to learn about the company’s offerings. With AM Lithography and AM Packaging united under one URL, prospective customers can see the breadth of services at a glance. The final product is a professional web presence that reflects the company’s core values and the quality of work they provide their customers, while communicating their competitiveness among other vendors in a crowded market.

AM Lithography Website Design – Lightbox Gallery on a Laptop
AM Lithography Website Design – Mobile Phone
AM Lithography Website Design – Tablet

We can personally vouch for AM Lithography & AM Packaging as one of the highest-quality print & secondary packaging vendors in the northeast. Take a look at their offerings at!