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The Opportunity

Access Vascular reinvented venous access. The company developed a revolutionary advance in IVs that reduces the risk of thrombus in patients. Thrombus, an all too common, life-threatening complication, occurs when the human body attacks a foreign object, like a catheter, because it deems the object a threat.

The company’s innovation uses a new compound that is far less likely to be recognized by the body as a foreign material. This enables the catheter to work with, rather than against, a patient’s immune system. The outcome? Eliminate thrombosis. Reduce complications and cost. Improve patient care.

Given the significance of this innovation, Access Vascular needed to evolve their brand to better reflect their leadership position in the medical technology space.

Our Approach

Brand evolution began by building on the current corporate identity. We maintained fundamental elements of the previous logo, modernizing the mark and typography to convey the company’s forward-thinking mission.

The new palette pulls together cool, sophisticated hues to reinforce Access Vascular’s definitive leadership. This self-assured color scheme projects the confidence that comes with real achievement. It also sets them apart in a space crowded by brash, disruptive start-ups. On the digital front, we created a customized WordPress website that carries the company’s compelling message forward. Visually, the brand evolution is fully integrated. Content focuses on text and tools that demonstrate the value of the advanced technology through illustrative graphics and comprehensive videos.


There’s no doubt that Access Vascular’s innovation will change patient care for the better. Delin Design extended this spirit of reinvention to one of the company’s other greatest assets: its brand. It’s equally clear that a breakthrough product with a strong, well-executed brand gets the best results.

In Access Vascular’s case, the attention of the investment community has resulted in significant funding. Our team at Delin Design is proud to have played a role in giving this brand the momentum needed to move confidently forward. Because to us—and to every patient out there—improvements in patient care can never happen soon enough.

Access Vascular, Inc. Old Logo
Access Vascular, Inc. Logo
Access Vascular Primary Color Palette
Access Vascular Secondary Color Palette
Access Vascular Typography
Access Vascular Website Design – Homepage on a Desktop Computer

Access Vascular Website Design – Homepage on a Mobile Phone
Access Vascular Brand Identity – Investor Summary Design
Access Vascular Venous Catheter Illustrations

Catheter Illustrations

If You’re the Patient in Room 103, Good Enough Is Never Enough.

In a hospital, IVs are on the front line of patient care. While catheters provide an invaluable treatment option, they also have a history of dangerous complications. Access Vascular recognized the need to take this all-important tool to the next level. And they did.

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