Doing more with less: leveraging high-end print techniques.

The Opportunity

Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE) is a world leader in technology with expertise in data storage, software and networking services. They reached out to us expressing their need for a brochure to promote their newest product, HPE Primera. The company realized the pitfalls of typical corporate communications that tend to be dense and highly technical. They came to us to develop a different take on the corporate brochure that stepped away from the mundane and immersed itself in the essence of eye-catching sophistication. HPE needed a new approach to express the necessity of their high-end product within the context of a world market.

Our Approach

We recommended high-end print techniques to showcase Primera in a unique way. Similar to an eBook, our approach evoked exclusivity inspired by luxury car brands, with clean space and minimal messaging to highlight the important features of the product. Our unorthodox strategy made the content more digestible than the dense booklets typical of HPE’s competitors, positioning the brochure as a statement piece filled with eye candy and curated content. By coupling soft-touch paper finish with raised spot gloss, we elevated HPE Primera to something that would make enterprise execs want to learn more. The final brochure encompasses the essence of luxury and exhibits the product in a way that is informative and eye-catching.


HPE was able to utilize our services to feature a technical product with a luxe appeal that entices the reader and educates the buyer. With the Primera brochure, the company has made a statement as a high-end provider in a saturated market of networking hardware and software companies. Working with our team has allowed them to present their product in an elegant, refined manner that reflects on its quality. HPE took a chance with minimal content and outside-the-box thinking and their openness to our recommendations has proven successful in promoting Primera. The brochure has become a compelling tool to increase sales and raise the bar for the company’s communications.

HPE Brochure First Spread
HPE Brochure Mission Critical
HPE Brochure Gloss Quad
HPE Fine Gloss
HPE Primera Product Spread

Learn more about Primera on HPE’s website.