Exploring the full brand potential for leaders of the AI frontier.

The Opportunity

DataRobot is a cutting-edge enterprise AI company whose platform builds and optimizes predictive models that directly impact the ROI of thousands of businesses around the globe. DataRobot’s old branding was monochromatic, with white backgrounds and liberal use of the blue in their palette. While the visuals were approachable, they were conservative and didn’t reflect the company’s innovative dynamism. Soon after updating their brand with a new color palette, DataRobot wanted to create a brochure to showcase their value as pioneers of AI technology. The company came to us with a need to create an overview brochure targeted at C-level executives that highlighted their new use of black and orange in a sleek and sophisticated printed piece with minimal body copy.

Our Approach

To enhance a viewer’s perception of DataRobot, we suggested printing the brochure on velvet-like soft-touch paper with raised spot-gloss elements to create a tactile experience. The new palette is predominantly black and a bold orange, but the company left it up to us to flesh out a new style of imagery. For us, this collaboration was as much a branding exercise as it was a production request. Our goal was to bring life to the DataRobot brand and give the company an edge over its competitors. Our imagery centered on individuals in refined professional environments, interspersed with circuit graphic overlays reminiscent of data. By embedding the robot icon—previously just a flat, static branding element—as a recurring accent that complemented other imagery, we transformed it into an interactive mascot that created rapport with viewers.


The brochure amplifies and advances the DataRobot brand and sets a precedent for future communications. Our punchy, visual approach to important information and statistics underscores DataRobot’s inherent value for an executive with buying power, and we breathed new life into the robot icon to make it a core branding element. Similar to the visionary nature of DataRobot’s platform, we carried their brand forward and highlighted their status as leaders in the enterprise tech market. The brochure serves as a sleek, elegant tool to entice new clients and to help DataRobot distinguish itself from its competitors.

DataRobot Character
DataRobot Stats Spread
DataRobot Stats Spread

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