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To reach a global audience, the proof is in the pitch

The Opportunity

NBC Universal releases countless shows through its subsidiaries in both US and international markets. Happy! is a new series debuting in December, 2017 on SyFy. Prior to its release in the US, NBC Universal needed a presentation to pitch the series to international stakeholders.

Our Approach

Using bold imagery and clean typography, our goal was to generate intrigue among stakeholders and convince them that the new show was worth including in their respective lineups. We aligned high-impact photography and color usage in the deck with that in the show, seamlessly linking the deck and the trailer.


We created a compelling, high-contrast deck that reflects the look and feel of the show, while laying out the key talking points clearly and concisely. Drawing from the tone of the trailer, we helped NBC Universal to provide their stakeholders with the snapshot overview of the show that they needed.

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