Creating an online presence for an involved community.

The Opportunity

Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation is the nonprofit fundraising arm of Milford Regional Medical Center. The medical center was in the process of renovating their fourth floor with new, state-of-the-art private rooms to better serve their patients. Milford came to us with a need to promote the initiative in order to attract high-paying donors in the community to help fund the construction. In addition to establishing a visual style, the organization needed help developing a strategy for how to raise awareness and increase their following through content marketing. They needed curated posts and a landing page targeting community leaders. With our philanthropic values, we jumped at the chance to help Milford meet their goals.

Our Approach

Milford had a presence on Facebook but needed help establishing profiles on other channels, so we made sure to address their expectations in several high-level discussions. We developed a specialized strategy centered on the “Commitment Campaign,” with monthly content calendars that covered a variety of objectives including updates on the renovation, community leaders, quotes from staff, monthly contests to win gift cards and promotion of annual events like Mélange and the Golf Classic. We planned and executed 10-15 posts per month in 2018 and 2019 using appropriate hashtags and targeted messaging to enhance their likes, comments, and shares. To round out the campaign’s web presence, we developed a landing page with background info about the purpose and objectives.


With the dedication of our team, Milford Regional Healthcare Foundation had a significant increase in community awareness and involvement in the hospital’s renovations and we helped to increase their social presence. Through our suggestions to post monthly giveaways for liking and sharing posts, the Foundation saw a spike in engagement and attracted hundreds of new followers, putting Milford in the spotlight of the Metro West area. We provided support for strategy and promotion of their 2018 Mélange Gala & Live Auction event, which was the most successful to date with over $1,000,000 raised. Milford was ultimately able to accomplish their goal of community involvement and now have a platform to connect with the public through social media.

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