Direct-mail strategy leads to brand awareness and increased ROI.

The Opportunity

DataRobot, a global tech pioneer headquartered in Boston, MA, offers the fastest path for enterprises to analyze data and solve business needs using unique AI solutions. Their platform benefits data scientists, business analysts and engineers. With a bottom line of increased efficiency, productivity and ROI, DataRobot’s platform adds intrinsic value to any vertical market. The company leveraged our unique skillset to create a series of direct-mail Viewmasters using messaging targeted—in this case—at risk management banking executives, with a call-to-action to download an accompanying ebook. Using this classic, iconic toy as a marketing vehicle, recipients could not help but view the short copy content that was directed to these bank execs.

Our Approach

Drawing on years of experience designing and mailing our own promotions (and those of other clients such as Veristor, Turbonomics and Kaminario,) Delin understands the importance of garnering a person’s attention using alternative means of communication. A physical, interactive mailing can often generate far more engagement than an email does, and we’ve provided business successes for our clients who engage us for this approach. In DataRobot’s case, the Viewmaster is a classic toy, and its ubiquity led to the idea of a “retro” theme. We mimicked the textures and colors of 1950s futurism, juxtaposing a classic style with modern illustrations evocative of DataRobot’s technology.


DataRobot embraced our solution and recommendations, and by representing their company in a unique manner with a physical mailing, they achieved the recognition required for their business objectives. Even the eBook was treated as engaging marketing, paired with hierarchy of content and custom visuals to appeal to readers by telling the story in a unique fashion. With the Viewmaster’s initial campaign success, DataRobot decided to move forward with a total of ten mailings, each focusing on a different aspect of banking. By customizing the eBook and the Viewmaster messaging, each executive could be targeted to see the relatable value of DataRobot’s AI solution in their marketplace.

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